Alignment Engineering Limited


Alignment Engineering Group is an experienced & specialist mechanical solutions company, with a complete services portfolio for all industry projects, anywhere throughout the New Zealand and Australasian marketplace.

We are here to provide Mechanical Engineering Solutions

Getting on with the job at hand, straight to the point, professionally and timely.

Specialising in on-site alignment using laser equipment, vibration and condition monitoring and machine geometric set-up, Alignment Engineering is able to service a wide range of industries.

Exclusive arrangements with OUR INDUSTRY PARTNERS mean that Alignment Engineering uses and supplies world-class equipment and materials.

In growing our business, Alignment Engineering has developed strong ongoing relationships with its clients and has built up a powerful database of contacts and industry information. Alignment Engineering is a proudly independant New Zealand company that is responsive to its client needs - whether it is a one-off alignment or balancing problem, machine set-up or the development of an ongoing plant-monitoring programme.

All these elements come together to give Alignment Engineering an edge in the market. This edge is also the cornerstone of our ongoing expansion programme.

During the mid 90s, Alignment Engineering began marketing the “ALIEN” brand, created quite unexpectedly from an acronym of ALIGNMENT ENGINEERING. Since then, the ALIEN brand has become a well-known identity in the industry.