Our Services


With the industry’s leading team of professionals and best end-to-end products, we can make sure you have the right solutions now and for the future.

Our team approach to each project and service helps achieve a high-level of safety, cost-savings, quality, and professionalism for each client.


Alignment Engineering offers a wide range of expert services including:

 Condition Monitoring -

We offer complete condition monitoring services as well as a combination of in-house ownership supported by our expertise. This includes hardware installation and setup, vibration analysis and in-house training. We offer a range of condition monitoring systems including both online and offline instruments.Our service engineers can also provide both single plane and dual plane balancing services. Services are offered on a wide range of machines including fans, compressors, chippers and band wheel saws.

 Geometric Set Up -

Precision measurement of surface and machine geometry - including flatness, straightness, parallel, squareness, twist and roll computerised measuring and reporting to 1 micron Sawmill alignment - significant improvements in product quality and throughput are achieved using optical and electronic clinometer tooling.

 Laser Shaft Alignment -

Servicing machines from 0.5 kW through to 250MW - Full on-site shaft/coupling reporting and correction services with measurement to 0.01mm.

 Thermal Growth Measurement -

Cold versus Hot Running alignment variation measurement for cold target offsets Turbine alignment - Shaft and casing alignment saving days off maintenance time by traditional methods.