Precision Alignment Products

Precut shims not only reduce labour costs during installation and repair, but facilitate inventory control and avoid the risk of injury when cutting and inserting sharp-edged shims.

PERMABLOC Shim are available in 9 different thicknesses, and 5 machine foot sizes. Made from high quality stainless steel to resist corrosion, PERMABLOC shim are perfectly flat to ensure consistent support across the entire surface.
Complete cases are avaliable as well as individually-sized replenishment packets.

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PULLALIGN is Pruftechnik's easy-to-use pulley laser alignment tool.  Requiring only a single operator, parallel offset, vertical and horizontal angle corrections are monitored simulatenously. The accuracy and reliability of PULLALIGN cannot be matched by traditional belt alignment techniques.

Alignment for any size of pulley
Unit mounts onto virtually any face
Easy-to-use: minimal training required
Reflected beam doubles the distance, increases angular resolution

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Pruftechnik induction bearing heaters are proven fast, reliable and easy to use. EDDYTHERM allows for fast shrink-fitting of bearings, gears, coupling, imellers, crane wheels, rings and sleeves.

EDDYTHERM bearing heaters come in three models:

EDDYTHERM Portable - Suitable for bearings up to 10kg
EDDYTHERM 2x - Suitable for bearings up to 80kg
EDDYTHERM 4x - Suitable for beaings up to 300kg

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