Electronics Levels


Clinotronic Levels


The CLINOTRONIC PLUS provides a measuring capacity of ± 45 degrees or alternatively ± 10 degrees respectively ± 30 degrees. Four precisely machined exterior reference surfaces assure accuracy and repeatability of measurements in any quadrant. Selected by push-button, any units suitable for inclination measurement may be applied to the display. Even slope indication based on a relative base of selectable length is possible. Simple push-button operation automatically sets absolute as well as relative zero.

The latest version of this reliable inclination measuring system comes with a number of new features:

 Aluminium housing, hard anodised, with heavier walls for more stability
 Fulfils strict CE requirements (Immunity against electromagnetic smog)
 Powered by standard 1.5 V batteries
 Various PC connections
 Easy zero-point adjustment
 Multiple units displayed
 Absolute and relative measurement
 Optional magnetic inserts and threaded holes are available

CLINOTRONIC_brochure.pdf 1.7MB

Blue Clino


Avaliable in adonzied aluminium and cast iron, BlueCLINO is a high precision inclination measurement system with mutliple features and optional extras:

 High Precision over the whole measuring range of ±60°
 Multiple measurement units
 Large colour display with various colour profiles
 Various display methods including bar graphs or spirit levels
 Integrated temperature compensation
 Internal software zero-setting
 Calibration tools supplied with BlueCLINO
 Rugged, rust protected housing
 Prismatic bases made out of either anodized aluminum or cast iron
 Built-in cross vial for easy alignment of the vertical axis in order to avoid “twist errors”
 Compatible with the whole range of digital sensors of WYLER
 Powered by 1.5V Batteries, rechargeable batteries or with mains adapter
 Fulfils strict CE requirements (immunity against electromagnetic smog)
 Can be adjusted to the local gravitation


Optional Extras include:

 Wireless communication, based on Bluetooth ®-technology
 Magnetic inserts in all measuring bases
 A fourth measuring base on the top of the instrument
 External power supply
 PC connection cables
 Software to collect and analyze data

BLUECLINO_brochure.pdf 1.5 MB

Blue System


A WYLER BlueSYSTEM typically consists of one or two BlueLEVEL measuring instruments and an indicating BlueMETER unit. Depending on the application, the BlueMETER can be connected to a PC with evaluation software, allowing online analysis and presentation of measured values. All configurations of BlueSYSTEM are specifically designed for precision measurement of even the smallest angles. Applications include flatness measurement of surface plates and geometric measurement of machine tools.

Features include:

 Compact design which is functionally optimised for precision measurement
 Wireless data transmission based on the internationally approved Bluetooth® standard (Optional)
 Large and easy-to-read LCD display which can be read from both sidesallowing the handle to be rotated
 Each instrument has its own specific address avoiding interference
 Each instrument has a built in Infrared receiver
 Measurements can be initiated at any instrument
 Three sensitivities available
 Linearity according to DIN 2276
 All instruments are equipped with RS232 / RS485 interfaces
 Powered by standard 1.5 V
 Complies with CE regulations and all applicable EMC regulations

BLUESYSTEM_brochure.pdf2.1 MB