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LevelSoft Pro


The measuring software LEVELSOFT PRO is for MINILEVEL and LEVELTRONIC NT instruments as well as for BlueSYSTEM. LEVELSOFT PRO can be used for all kinds of measuring tasks. Besides the simple task of defining a simple inclination, the instruments may be used in a number of combinations and configurations (e.g. differential measurement with two instruments), the measurement of surface flatness of lines, the measurement of guide ways with twist or the flatness of large and small surfaces. LEVELSOFT PRO can also be used to calibrate your WYLER instruments.

The advantage of using electronic instruments and software is the quick response and the fact that the data may be stored and analyzed electronically through the LEVELSOFT PRO software. WYLER LEVELSOFT PRO is based on ISO1101 for measuring the flatness of lines and surfaces. All WYLER software products are constantly updated to meet the changing requirements of customers.



MT-SOFT Software is for the inspection of machine tool geometry by using the following instruments MINILEVEL, LEVELTRONIC, BlueSYSTEM and NivelSWISS.

The newly developed software MT-SOFT allows independent measurement of the various geometrical elements of a machine using standard inclination measuring-instruments. The individual measuring results can then be saved and consolidated 3-dimensionally, allowing the determination of  'total error' of the machine - for example, the measurement of the vertical spindle in relation to a horizontal guide way of a machine tool. The logical layout and the clear structure of the software allows easy measurement of even the most complex machines.

The major goal of MT-SOFT is to allow the engineer to take the all the necessary measurements of a machine tool, not only in the early stage of the manufacturing process, but also during the final assembly and the maintenance and repair phase.