Onsite Services

Alignment Engineering offers a wide range of expert services including:

 Vibration Analysis / Condition Monitoring

Our engineers are fully equipped to offer portable condition monitoring / vibration analysis on site. This can include regular surveys / rounds to monitor machine health as well fault finding on machines displaying specific concerns. All vibration analysis done by AEG includes high quality clear and concise reporting.

For more advanced diagnostics, AEG can offer 20-channel event recording and analysis using Pruftechnik’s VIBGUARD instrument system.

 Geometric Set Up

We offer precision measurement of surface and machine geometry including bore alignment, flatness, straightness, parallel, squareness, twist and roll computerised measuring. We have a range of instrument – optical and electronic – which allows us accurate reporting down to 1 micron.

Depending on the application, our engineers can also offer correction services to extremely high accuracy. Key industries for this service include sawmilling, pulp and paper, machine tools and extrusion.

 Laser Shaft Alignment

We have been performing laser shaft alignment services for 25 years, both in New Zealand and offshore. Our engineers perform onsite alignment on machines of all sizes and configurations with measurement down to 0.01mm. Measurement and correcton reporting is provided for every alignment.

Our specialist alignment services include thermal turbine alignment, marine main drive shaft alignment and dynamic measurements.

 In-situ Balancing

We provide both single plane and dual plane in-situ balancing services. Our engineers are experienced on a wide range of machines including ID and FD fans, chippers, wheel saws, pulleys, rollers, rotors and cutters.

Using PRUFTECHINK VIBXPERT II, our engineers can offer balancing up to ISO Grade 2.5

 Motion Amplification

Motion amplification is a new, non-contact way of assessing machines and structures in a way historically confined to ODS - but relying on innovative hardware and software to get the job done faster and presented in a clear, concise, visual manner.

Our engineers combine this technology with our experience in vibration analysis to provide powerful machine fault diagnosis.